Buy Cannabis Flower Online or at our Weed Dispensary

Cannabis flower may be the most typical and well-known way to consume weed, and we have a ton of varieties to choose from.

There are a lot of strains to try, including Indica, Sativa, White Rhino, Cold Creek Kush and much, much more. Each strain we use is grown to the highest quality and are fully compliant with all provincial regulations and standards. As good as our pure stains are, you shouldn’t miss out on our hybrid strains. Blue Dream and Blue Nova are just two of our Sativa dominant hybrid strains that deliver complex aromas and sweet flavours.

We have a huge variety of cannabis flower strains and options to choose from. Each are displayed with their exact TBD and CBD levels, unlike the “ranges” used by other dispensaries, so you know exactly what you’re buying. If you aren’t sure what TBD or CBD even are – no worries! We’re eager to answer any questions you may have. Visiting one of our cannabis dispensaries can be a great way to learn what suits your needs.

One of the biggest advantages of using flower over the more exotic forms of cannabis is convenience. At any of our marijuana dispensaries you can find dried cannabis flower and pre-roll products to make your experience as easy as possible. These are especially recommended for those just starting out on their cannabis journey.

Speaking of convenience – we also offer online shopping! It’s never been easier to buy weed online!