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Monday – Thursday:

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10:00am – 8:00pm


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grand cannabis dunnville store interior

Dunnville is one of 5 locations where you can find Grand Cannabis products. Our menu is updated in real time with our physical inventory. We also take the time to enter the THC and CBD content of what we have in stock, rather than just the “range” you get from other retailers and the OCS. This way you know exactly what you’ll be getting. If you live near our dispensary, come on down and browse our cannabis products in person!

This page displays the address of our Dunnville dispensary, as well as a contact number and email address. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to reach out.


What Our Pot Shop Has to Offer

Orders can be placed online, via telephone, or in person. You can pay with Cash, Credit, or Debit. The choice is yours.

Our customer focused and friendly staff are happy to answer any questions you have, and share their in depth knowledge. It’s a great opportunity for all adults in the Dunnville area to familiarize themselves with marijuana products, accessories, and the variety of products available.  If you’re new to cannabis and are not sure what you’re looking for, our staff can help you find what’s right for you. We take the time to understand your recreational cannabis needs, and match them to our products.

Our Dunnville dispensary sells dried Cannabis flower products and pre-rolls which are available in an exciting variety of strains, with many different THC and CBD percentage options and price points to choose from. We offer products such as Indica Flower, Sativa Flower, Grower’s Choice Hybrid, White Rhino, Cold Creek Kush along with many other premium brands like Msiku and Broken Coast. And of course, weed accessories and papers will be also be available for purchase.

We carry a full range of CBD products including oils, tinctures, capsules, edibles, beverages, teas and more.

If you are more of a cannabis edible fan, you can browse through our multiple delicious edibles and choose something you desire. Our staff will be present at the Dunnville location to give you information and tips on the products. Staff favorites include Raspberry Gummies with THC and THC Solid Milk Chocolate. Or try one of our ice cold refreshing beverages straight from the cooler like Lemon Sparkling Water with THC, CBD Iced Tea, and many others.

Cannabis concentrates like Hash, Shatter, Free Oil, Reign Drops, BC Kief, and Balance Oil (just to name a few) will be present in our dispensary and online as well.

Our Dunnville dispensary also offers cannabis accessories, such as, MouthPeace kits or filters, bowl pieces, incense holder, Raw Cone pack, and many others.

We intend to make your marijuana use much more enjoyable by providing a unique consumer experience, awesome product line up and amazing customer service.


Visit Our Dunnville Recreational Dispensary

With us, you will benefit from friendly and helpful customer care and privacy. When you order online, your order pickup will be quick and easy. We only sell safe, quality cannabis products – so, you can rest assured that all our products can be used safely.

Our staff are standing by and will be present at the Dunnville location to give you information and tips on the products.

Cannabis Retail Store Authorization