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The third of five Grand Cannabis locations, our St. Catharines Dispensary provides a friendly, unique experience for all our customers. Providing high-standard product and a customer-focused attitude towards our business, we are dedicated to ensuring quality across the board.

We provide a highly efficient and transparent experience for all customers. Our inventory is updated in real-time through our physical inventory to provide accuracy and convenience when you’re shopping with us. Additionally, we make sure to include all THC and CBD content in our listings so you know what you’re getting out of our products.

Whether you’ve visited us at a previous location or this is your first time, our St. Catharines Dispensary will welcome you with open arms. Be confident that you’re getting the service you deserve and a product you’ll keep coming back for.


How can the St. Catharines Dispensary help you

For first time buyers or veterans, our St. Catharines Dispensary can provide you with all the information, help and guidance you need. Our staff are able to answer any questions you have for them and will happily guide you through your marijuana journey – from flower to accessories.

We welcome the adult St. Catharines community to stop by and have a chat with our staff. Whether you intend to purchase our products or you’re simply looking to broaden your knowledge, we can help point you in the right direction. So, stop by and come on in – the door will be wide open.


What products do we have to offer?

There are many products on the market and we’re proud to say that we stock a large variety of them. Offering everything from dried cannabis flower to all the edibles you desire – speak to us or browse online to find just what you’re looking for.

If you’re in the market for flower, then we’ve got everything from the Indica flower to the Sativa flower, including 8 Ball Kush and BC Organic Blue Dream – and that’s by no means the exhaustive list. Luckily, if you’re unsure of which to buy, our staff are on hand to determine the right kind for your needs.

We also stock a selection of beverages – from refreshing teas to flavored sparkling waters and more. Or maybe you prefer your marijuana in the form of edibles. In that case, you’re in luck! We’ve got a wide range of chocolates, gummies, drinks and hard candies to choose from – something to satiate even the sweetest of sweet-tooths.

Our products also include a range of cannabis concentrates, such as hash, oil and BC Kief – all available to purchase online or in store. And, if you’re in need of some accessories to accompany our products, then you’ll be able to find those too.

Whatever marijuana experience you’re searching for, we’ll do our best to make it memorable and comfortable for you, providing you with all the guidance you need.

So, browse our range and find the right product for your needs!


Visit our St. Catharines Dispensary now

Whether you choose to visit our St. Catharines store online or in person, we’ll provide a straight-forward and informative shopping experience. We can take your order through online payment, via the telephone or at the store, where we take Cash, Credit or Debit – it’s all a matter of your preference.

Experience the Grand Cannabis St. Catharines Dispensary the way you want to and we’ll be sure to make a lasting impression no matter what method you choose. You are our top priority, after all.

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