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grand cannabis fonthill store interior

Who says small towns can’t have big-city quality? Not us, that’s for sure! We are so excited to present our fourth of five Grand Cannabis locations, our Fonthill Dispensary! Now, you can get the Grand Cannabis experience right here, in your hometown.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about our dispensary in Fonthill.


What You Can Expect From Our Fonthill Dispensary

True to the Grand Cannabis brand, we offer high-quality marijuana products paired with next-level customer service. Our Fonthill dispensary is here to make sure your shopping experience is as quick and easy as possible! Ample free parking is also available.

The second you come through the door, it’s all about you. Our staff is here to answer any questions you have and even make a recommendation if needed. You can always trust us to help you find something that you’ll like!

Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or new to the whole thing, we’ve got something just for you. Just ask one of our friendly budtenders, and they’ll help guide you to finding your new favourite marijuana products.


Marijuana Products At Our Fonthill Dispensary

We offer the highest-quality marijuana products, so you can consume them safely and never be disappointed. We’ve got a collection of premium brands in our lineup, with more options than you could ever dream of!

When you shop online, you will see that each of our marijuana products is listed with all the information you’ll need. You will know what to expect, which only leaves room for pleasant surprises (the only good kind).

We offer all types of cannabis goods, from both sativa and indica-dominant plants, not to mention the heavenly hybrids.

Find your favourite strain or try something new from our lineup of cannabis flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates. Or, try one of our delicious weed edibles, which include more than just chocolate bars and gummies. We also feature baked goods, ice-cold drinks, and more.

And for the green healers, we’ve got CBD marijuana products that can possibly assist you with stress, pain, and so much more. Discover a new kind of self-care today with our infused creams and bath bombs.

Plus, our inventory is constantly updated to show what we really have, not what the computer says we have. You can also stop by the store and get to know our budtenders, who will be your guides to finding exactly what you’re looking for, even if you don’t know what that is yet.


Shopping At Grand Cannabis Dispensary In Fonthill

When you shop at our Fonthill dispensary, you’ll be treated like family. Again, it’s all about you when you come to see us, and we’re honoured that you chose us to help you!

Whether you’re looking to try something new or you’ve been desperately trying to find your favourite strain again, we’ve got you! Come on down to 1809 Merrittville HWY or call 905-863-1420. You can also send any questions to admin@grandcannabis.ca or give us a call at 905-863-1420.

Order online or over the phone for pickup. Online orders can be paid by credit card. In-store, cash, credit, and debit are all accepted. It’s all up to you!

Before we let you go, don’t forget to Join our Customer Loyalty Program to earn points and save on your purchases. We’ll see you soon!

Cannabis Retail Store Authorization