Buy Cannabis Accessories Online or at our Dispensary

From the equipment needed to vaporize concentrates, to rolling paper, to adorable incense holders – this pot shop has it all. The variety is huge, and we’d bet there’s something in our marijuana dispensary that’ll surprise and delight you.

We’re especially proud of our RAW rolling paper. If you like to roll your weed, you can enhance your joints with these high-quality and environmentally-friendly products. For those with a weakness for sweets, try supplementing it with Juicy Jays fruit flavoured rolling paper! Our customers have told us that Very Cherry with any indica strain is meant to be a truly delicious combo – let us know if you agree!

In terms of cannabis flower equipment, you’ll find the product ranges at our cannabis dispensaries both high-quality and aesthetically gorgeous. Our bongs and pipes come in an array of colours and designs to suit anyone’s style – from our black spider pattern bong to our sky blue maple glass pipes.

Whether you prefer to visit our cannabis dispensaries online or in person, we’ll provide positive and engaging shopping experience. We can take your order through online payment, via the telephone or at the store, where we take Cash, Credit or Debit – it’s all up to you!