Buy Cannabis Vapes Online or at our Pot Dispensary

Where smoking once reigned supreme, vaping has taken the world by storm.

And it’s not hard to see why – vaping offers simplicity, more control, and more flavours. At our marijuana dispensaries, we provide all of those benefits with a distinct customer experience unlike other retail cannabis dispensaries. Each of our locations is staffed with a diverse group of weed professionals, ready and eager to offer the vaping equipment and cartridges that suit your needs.

We have a variety of vape threat kits on offer for whatever your routine is. From convenient disposable pens, to quality ceramic and glass devices, we can handle any situation. Accessories to these are also available, both in our cannabis stores and when you’re buying weed online.

But enough about the equipment, what about the cartridges we offer? Compared to other weed options, vaporizers can’t be beat on flavour, and our dispensaries can provide some fantastic aromas. For citrus lovers, our Super Sour Diesel Cartridges are a potent hit, in both THC and taste. If you’re a sweet tooth, the Forbidden Fruit 510 Cartridge is a perfect berry addition to the ever popular indica strain. Speaking of strains, we have a wide showcase of options to discover – such as, White Rhino, Kali Mist, and hybrid strains like Island Honey.

All these options can be found in any of our 5 dispensaries or, even easier, you can simply buy your weed online! Whether your order is placed online, through the phone or in person, you’ll come away with an outstanding product every time.