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510 Black Cookies Twist - 900 MAH Battery

510 Black Cookies Twist – 900 MAH Battery

510 Battery is just a regular battery, that gets attached to a Cartridge. Once the 510 Battery is attached to the Cartridge, it converts into being a Vape Pen. The Cartridge, comes along with a USB and is rechargeable. The Battery is only a battery and has no E-Liquid or Juice or THC in it. The reason why it is called 510 is because, 510 is a thread that helps screwing both the Battery and the Cartridge.

BLKMKT Lee Anne WoMac

BLKMKT Lee Anne WoMac 3.5g Flower

When it comes to BLKMKT flower, it all started with their growers & their decades of cultivation experience. Next came the genetics. Exotic crosses, indoor grown, small batch, hand-trimmed, hang dried dry and meticulously cured flower. If you’re searching for that fire, you’ve found it.

Ogen Megaton Melon #4

Ogen Megaton Melon #4 Flower

Bursting with a fruity sweet aroma, Megaton Melon #4 is a bright sativa that can only be described as a fruitsplosion of flavour! Its chunky gooey nugs will leave your fingers sticky like you just finished digging into a bowl of sweet, sliced watermelon!

PALMETTO Tropicanna Gold 3.5g Flower

PALMETTO Tropicanna Gold 3.5g Flower

Tropicanna Gold is the super juicy, super fruity sativa that gives you a one way ticket to that sunshine found within. Find a seriously golden experience no matter where you actually end up.

REDECAN Redees Wappa Pre-Roll 70-pack

REDECAN Redees Wappa Pre-Roll 70-pack

Redees by Redecan are an unparalleled pre-roll experience that just got even more convenient. The Redecan King Pack offers 1oz of your favourite Redecan strains, pre-rolled in our signature packaging, and sealed in packs of 10 to guarantee freshness.

cannabis-Ripple by TGOD - Dissolvable Balanced Powder

Ripple by TGOD – Dissolvable Balanced Powder

K3 Ripple by TGOD 2.5 mg THC and 2.5 mg CBD dissolvable cannabis powders provide the freedom to infuse any food or beverage with THC. Packed into individually sealed packets of precise portions of flavourless dissolvable cannabis. Convenient and easy to mix, infuse with Ripple by TGOD!