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cannabis-48NORTH - Traditional Pressed Hash

48NORTH – Traditional Pressed Hash

Like a photograph from the 70s, this hand-crafted hash harks back to a gentler, mellower time. This simple, extract is pure dry-sift from highest-quality, indoor-grown flower. Like playing vinyl or writing a letter, hash takes a little extra time to prepare, but the end result is all the sweeter. Think of this Traditional Pressed Hashish as an analogue filter on a digital world.

cannabis-Boaz - Wildflower Honey Oil

Boaz – Wildflower Honey Oil

BOAZ Wildflower Honey Oil is a true and traditional full-spectrum extract. From a CO2 extract process, which allows the solution to naturally occur without the use of artificial terpenes. Made with a select blend of handcrafted THC strains. The glass and metal syringe allows BOAZ Wildflower Honey to be consumed by dabbing, rolling, filling, vaping or infusing.

cannabis-FIRESIDE - Wappa Shatter

FIRESIDE – Wappa Shatter

A full spectrum Shatter derived from Wappa whole bud. Carefully crafted using a state-of-the-art Hydrocarbon (BHO) extraction process, terpenes and cannabinoids are kept in unison and preserved to ensure the highest quality. Winterization occurs at a temperature of -75°C removing fats and residual impurities, resulting in a smooth, high-quality hard resin concentrate, rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. Best enjoyed responsibly in a dab rig.

cannabis-GREYBEARD - SLK Terp Slush Live Resin

GREYBEARD – SLK Terp Slush Live Resin

Greybeard Live Resin Terp Slush is an elevated version of the ever-popular HTFSE (High-Terpene Full-Spectrum Extract), carefully made from cannabis grown outdoors. As they harvest, their crop is flash-frozen to seal in the cannabinoids and terpenes until they are ready to be extracted through their hydrocarbon process, resulting in highly aromatic and flavourful concentrates.

SLK is a Greybeard-only cultivar that consistently achieves between 17-22% THC, with pungent terpenes that highlight an earthy, peppered citrus profile, making this proprietary strain an easy choice for even the most fickle cannasseur.

SLK Terp Slush is tropical on the nose with blasts of mango, banana and mouthwatering fruit smoothie aromas. Visually, it’s a bright, beautiful chardonnay yellow. Greybeard Live Resin Terp Slush also has a wonderfully granular consistency that makes it a breeze to use in dab rigs and pens.

cannabis-Hank - High THC Bubble Hash

Hank – High THC Bubble Hash

The Hank Co. Bubble Hash is produced through traditional methods using ice water extraction, drying and sifting techniques resulting in a light and golden hued, rich in flavour, concentrate. Only whole flower trichome heads are used in the production of Hank Bubble Hash. The solventless extraction process produces a flavour profile as close to the flower as possible. The High THC Bubble Hash is produced with a blend of micron screens that yield the potent THC.

cannabis-JWC - Northern Kush GE Kief

JWC – Northern Kush GE Kief

Northern Kush GE delivers a noticeably hoppy and woody pine-like aroma. The earthy undertones and classic diesel essence provide a classic pungent flavour. Northern Kush GE’s lush green buds boast silvery-white trichomes among a sparse spread of orange pistils.

A single-origin extract product, these sugar-like crystals are known for their fulsome terpene profile, potency, and versatility. Carefully made using freshly harvested cannabis material, this product is recognized as one of the truest representations of the cannabis strain.

cannabis-Kolab Project - THCA Diamonds ICC

Kolab Project – THCA Diamonds ICC

The process of creativity and experimentation are strongly rooted in Kolab and best expressed in the launch of Kolab Ice Cream Cake THCA Diamonds. Understanding that the quality of extract output is a reflection of the input, this extract originated from the Kolab x Safari Flower Co. Ice Cream Cake single strain and premium flower. This flower is grown in small-batch rooms to preserve the distinct character of every plant.

After the hydrocarbon extraction processing, these diamonds are separated from their sauce to deliver potent pure vibrant yellow crystalline structures. To best preserve Kolab ICC THCA Diamonds and be mindful of the environment, the product is packaged in an air tight, light proof recyclable glass jar and biodegradable carton. This exceptional product is best experienced dabbed or with a concentrate vape unit.

cannabis-MEDIPHARM LABS - CBD Isolate


Contained in a 0.5 g glass jar is a pure CBD crystalline isolate. This CBD isolate is a fine powder with over 98+% pure CBD. Being flavourless and odourless, this CBD is great for new cannabis users, as well as experienced ones that are looking for a versatile ingredient that will not interfere with flavour texture or aroma of your favourite infused recipes.

cannabis-Premium 5 - Purple Kush Live Resin 510 Thread Cartridge

Premium 5 – Purple Kush Live Resin 510 Thread Cartridge

Premium 5 Purple Kush Pure Live Resin Vape cartridges offer a remarkable extract in high-quality hardware that will fit with any 510 battery. All Premium 5 Resin is extracted via hydrocarbons with fresh-frozen whole bud. This cultivar yields a concentrate with a deep burnished gold hue, 4-10% terpene range, dark, fruity flavours, and subtle earthy sweet aromas.

cannabis-PREMIUM 5 - THC-A Diamonds

PREMIUM 5 – THC-A Diamonds

Premium 5 THCa Diamonds are a potent creation that’s been crafted from fresh frozen, single-strain, whole-buds and cured to produce crystalline diamonds. This versatile product can be used in a number of ways, including: dab rigs, dab pens, crushed into flower, or sprinkled over a bong bowl.

cannabis-PURE SUNFARMS - Pure Sun 1-30 CBD Oil

PURE SUNFARMS – Pure Sun 1:30 CBD Oil

Oil made from a love of plants. Our Pure Sun CBD™ Oil comes in 30 ml of natural ingredients and nothing else. Made from the best part of our flower, our oil comes in two potencies for a pure CBD experience. Packaged in an amber glass bottle, the oil may be easily measured for precision and versatility. Every component of Pure Sunfarms’ oil is thoroughly tested for purity, quality, and safety.

THC 0 mg/ml | CBD 27-33 mg/ml

Total CBD: 810-990 mg