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grand cannabis thorold location

Welcome to our Thorold Dispensary Location

Adding to Grand Cannabis’ growing list of dispensary locations, Thorold marks the fourth of six planned locations so far! As you may have experienced at our other locations, we pride ourselves on high-quality products and providing an experience that focuses on the customers’ needs.

Updated in real-time with our physical inventory, customers can be confident that our menu is always up to date. Alongside this, we also ensure that our product listings indicate the THC and CBD content, rather than simply listing the “range” that can be seen at other dispensaries.

So, if you’re in the local area or simply passing through, you can be confident that Grand Cannabis’ Thorold Dispensary has exactly what you’re looking for.


What our Thorold Dispensary can do for you

Whether it’s your first time buying or you’re a cannabis veteran, our staff are there to help and are happy to answer any questions you have for them. Come with a list prepared or simply ask on the fly, we’ll be able to assist you with anything you need to know about the world of marijuana products and accessories.

Visiting the Thorold Dispensary is a great opportunity to learn something new and for our staff to understand your needs and what to recommend. In fact, we welcome the opportunity to help the adult residents of Thorold familiarize themselves with our marijuana products.

Trust the Thorold Dispensary to put your cannabis experience first!


What products does our Thorold Dispensary have to offer?

Our products are extremely varied, offering dried cannabis flower and pre-roll products in many strain and percentage options. There’s a lot we have to offer.

Offering the Indica flower and Sativa flower, alongside White Rhino, Grower’s Choice Hybrid, Cold Creek Kush, there’s a lot to choose from and a lot to try. But, if the pressure is too much, our staff are here to help you find the perfect flower for your needs.

If you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, then our edible products may be more your speed. Choose from a range of chocolates, gummies, hard candy and even drinks! Whatever satiates your sweet cravings, we’ve got it.

Or you could try some our cannabis-infused beverages. Whether it’s a refreshing cup of tea or an ice-cold glass of sparkling water, there’s something for everyone – just take a look at our whole list.

Cannabis concentrates such as Hash, Shatter, Oil, and BC Kief are also available for purchase online and in store, among many more.

Once you’ve secured your desired product, you may want to take a look at the accessories we have available to help ease your process along. Whatever you’re looking for, we can point you in the right direction.

Our unique line of products provides you with a personalized marijuana experience you’ll remember. Browse through our range and find what’s right for you.

And, when you want to try something new, you know where to find it next time!


Visit our Thorold Dispensary now

Come into the store or browse online – our range of products is visible to everyone no matter their preferred shopping methods. How you wish to experience the Grand Cannabis Thorold Dispensary is your choice to make and whatever the decision, we’ll make sure the experience is memorable and simple.

We’re happy to take your orders in person, via telephone, or online – it’s all down to what suits you. We also accept Cash, Credit, or Debit to make your shopping experience easier for you.

Our priority is ensuring you feel comfortable throughout your customer journey, so do what works best for you and we’ll be right there to help you along.