Your local cannabis dispensary store!

niagara region cannabis dispensaryHey!  Thanks for checking us out. Here are a few details to help you all understand who we are and what we do!

First and foremost, we are a locally owned and operated organization, composed of a diverse group of business professionals, each bringing unique talents from a variety of sectors. We are excited to bring our combined experience to the Cannabis industry, in a way that will benefit and compliment our community, as well as provide a distinct customer experience unlike any of the retail cannabis dispensaries out there.

We currently have locations in Dunnville, Georgetown, St. Catharines, Fonthill and Tillsonburg.

Our unique, innovative branding and store design will engage your senses and encourage a sense of fun and imagination.

We believe that all adults deserve affordable access to a safe source of recreational cannabis, in a comfortable and creative atmosphere.

We work closely with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, and our local government, to ensure that we follow all provincial regulations and standards.

We offer a wide range of marijuana products to accommodate all Cannabis users, both new and experienced.

We provide guidance and education to help new customers choose the appropriate cannabis products for their needs, as well as ensuring they understand how to use marijuana products safely. For experienced users, we can quickly help you identify the products you are looking for and provide an efficient purchasing experience.